Source code for etcd3.stateful.lock

import os
import socket
import tempfile
import uuid

import six

from .watch import EventType
from ..errors import ErrLeaseNotFound
from ..utils import get_ident
from ..utils import log

[docs]class EtcdLockError(Exception): pass
[docs]class EtcdLockAcquireTimeout(Exception): pass
[docs]class Lock(object): # TODO: maybe we could improve the performance by reduce some HTTP requests """ Locking recipe for etcd, inspired by the kazoo recipe for zookeeper """ DEFAULT_LOCK_TTL = 60 HOST = 'host' PROCESS = 'process' THREAD = 'thread'
[docs] def __init__(self, client, lock_name, lock_ttl=DEFAULT_LOCK_TTL, reentrant=None, lock_prefix='_locks'): """ :type client: BaseClient :param client: instance of etcd.Client :type lock_name: str :param lock_name: the name of the lock :type lock_ttl: int :param lock_ttl: ttl of the lock, default is 60s :type reentrant: str :param reentrant: the reentrant type of the lock can set to Lock.HOST, Lock.PROCESS, Lock.THREAD :type lock_prefix: str :param lock_prefix: the prefix of the lock key """ self.client = client = lock_name self.lock_ttl = lock_ttl self.lock_prefix = lock_prefix self.reentrant = reentrant self.uuid = self._get_uuid() if six.PY3 and isinstance(self.uuid, str): self.uuid = six.binary_type(self.uuid, encoding='utf-8') self.lock_key = "{}/{}".format(lock_prefix, lock_name) # the key of the lock self.holders_key = self.lock_key + '/holders' # the key of holders-count self.is_taken = False # if the lock is taken by someone = None self.__holders_lease = None self._watcher = None log.debug("Initiating lock for %s with uuid %s", self.lock_key, self.uuid)
def _get_uuid(self): hostname = socket.gethostname() if self.reentrant is None: return '%s:%s' % (hostname, uuid.uuid4().hex[:8]) elif self.reentrant == self.PROCESS: return '%s:proc:%s' % (hostname, os.getpid()) elif self.reentrant == self.THREAD: return '%s:thrd:%s' % (hostname, get_ident()) elif self.reentrant == self.HOST: return self._get_global_uuid('%s:host:%s' % (hostname, socket.gethostbyname(hostname))) else: raise TypeError("unknown reentrant type, expect one of Lock.HOST, Lock.PROCESS, Lock.THREAD") def _get_global_uuid(self, uuid): path = tempfile.gettempdir() + '/' + + '_lock' while os.path.isdir(path): path = path + '_' if not os.path.exists(path): log.debug("writing host-global uuid to %s" % path) with open(path, 'w') as f: f.write(uuid) return uuid else: log.debug("reading host-global uuid from %s" % path) with open(path, 'rb') as f: return def _get_locker(self): r = self.client.range(self.lock_key).kvs return r[0] if r else None def _holders_lease(self): if self.__holders_lease: return self.__holders_lease locker = self._get_locker() if locker: self.__holders_lease = return self.__holders_lease
[docs] def holders(self): """ tell how many holders are holding the lock :return: int """ if not self.reentrant: if self._get_locker(): return 1 return 0 r = self.client.range(self.holders_key).kvs if r is not None: self.__holders_lease = r[0].lease return int(r[0].value) lease = self._holders_lease() if lease: try: log.debug("try creating holders count key with lease %d" % lease) self.client.put(self.holders_key, b'%d' % 0, lease=lease) except ErrLeaseNotFound: self.__holders_lease = None return 0
[docs] def incr_holder(self): """ Atomic increase the holder count by 1 """ n = self.holders() t = self.client.Txn() t.If(t.key(self.holders_key).value == b'%d' % n) t.Then(t.put(self.holders_key, b'%d' % (n + 1), lease=self._holders_lease())) r = t.commit() if r.succeeded: return n + 1 log.debug("failed to incr holders count")
[docs] def decr_holder(self): """ Atomic decrease the holder count by 1 """ n = self.holders() or 0 t = self.client.Txn() t.If(t.key(self.holders_key).value == b'%d' % n) if n - 1 == 0: t.Then(t.delete(self.holders_key)) else: t.Then(t.put(self.holders_key, b'%d' % (n - 1), lease=self._holders_lease())) r = t.commit() if r.succeeded: return n - 1 log.debug("failed to decr holders count")
@property def is_acquired(self): """ if the lock is acquired """ if not self.is_taken: log.debug("Lock not taken") return False locker = self._get_locker() if locker: self.is_taken = True if locker and locker.value == self.uuid: if and return True return False acquired = is_acquired
[docs] def acquire(self, block=True, lock_ttl=None, timeout=None, delete_key=True): """ Acquire the lock. :type block: bool :param block: Block until the lock is obtained, or timeout is reached [default: True] :type lock_ttl: int :param lock_ttl: The duration of the lock we acquired, set to None for eternal locks :type timeout: int :param timeout: The time to wait before giving up on getting a lock :type delete_key: bool :param delete_key: whether delete the key if it has not attached to any lease [default: True] """ lock_ttl = self.lock_ttl = lock_ttl or self.lock_ttl locker = self._get_locker() if locker: if not if not delete_key: raise EtcdLockError("lock-key %s already exist but with no lease attached") log.debug("delete lock key that has no expiration") self.client.delete_range(locker.key) elif locker.value == self.uuid: log.debug("we already have the lock") if not ( and log.debug("we have the lock but not keeping it, now keep the lease alive") self.__holders_lease = None = self.client.Lease(self.lock_ttl,, new=False) if self.reentrant: log.debug("the lock is reentrant, will incr its holders count") self.incr_holder() self.is_taken = True return self elif block: event = self.wait(locker=locker, timeout=timeout) if not event: log.debug("lock acquire wait timeout") raise EtcdLockAcquireTimeout else: self.is_taken = True return # locker key not found log.debug("writing lock key to %s", self.lock_key) if and # clean old lease that may exist self.__holders_lease = None = self.client.Lease(self.lock_ttl) txn = self.client.Txn() txn.If(txn.key(self.lock_key).value == self.uuid) txn.Else(txn.put(self.lock_key, self.uuid, r = txn.commit() if r.succeeded: return self.acquire(block, lock_ttl, timeout, delete_key) else: self.is_taken = True if self.reentrant: log.debug("the lock is reentrant, will incr its holders count") self.incr_holder() log.debug("Lock key written, we got the lock") log.debug("Lock acquired (lock_key: %s, value: %s)" % (self.lock_key, self.uuid)) return self
[docs] def wait(self, locker=None, timeout=None): """ Wait until the lock is lock is able to acquire :param locker: kv of the lock :param timeout: wait timeout """ locker = locker or self._get_locker() if not locker: return self._watcher = watcher = self.client.Watcher(key=locker.key, max_retries=0) return watcher.watch_once(lambda e: e.type == EventType.DELETE or e.value == self.uuid, timeout=timeout)
[docs] def release(self): """ Release the lock """ if self.reentrant: n = self.decr_holder() if n is not None and n == 0: = None self.is_taken = False else: = None self.is_taken = True else: = None self.is_taken = False log.debug("Lock released (lock_key: %s, value: %s)" % (self.lock_key, self.uuid))
[docs] def __enter__(self): """ You can use the lock as a contextmanager """ self.acquire() return self
[docs] def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback): self.release() return False
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