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Sync lease util
import threading
import time

import six

from ..errors import ErrLeaseNotFound
from ..utils import log
from ..utils import retry

if six.PY2:  # pragma: no cover
    def wait_lock(lock, timeout):
        Hack for python2.7 since it's lock not support timeout

        :param lock: threading.Lock
        :param timeout: seconds of timeout
        :return: bool
        cond = threading.Condition(threading.Lock())
        with cond:
            current_time = start_time = time.time()
            while current_time < start_time + timeout:
                if lock.acquire(False):
                    return True
                    cond.wait(timeout - current_time + start_time)
                    current_time = time.time()
        return False
[docs] def wait_lock(lock, timeout): return lock.acquire(True, timeout=timeout)
[docs]class Lease(object):
[docs] def __init__(self, client, ttl, ID=0, new=True): """ :type client: BaseClient :param client: client instance of etcd3 :type ID: int :param ID: ID is the requested ID for the lease. If ID is set to 0, the lessor chooses an ID. :type new: bool :param new: whether grant a new lease or maintain a exist lease by its id [default: True] """ self.client = client if ttl < 2: ttl = 2 self.grantedTTL = ttl if not new and not ID: raise TypeError("should provide the lease ID if new=False") self._ID = ID = new self.last_grant = None self.keeping = False self.last_keep = None self._thread = None self._lock = threading.Lock()
@property def ID(self): """ Property: the id of the granted lease :return: int """ return self._ID
[docs] def grant(self): """ Grant the lease if new is set to False or it just inherit the lease of the specified id When granting new lease if ID is set to 0, the lessor will chooses an ID. """ if r = self.client.lease_grant(self.grantedTTL, self.ID) self.last_grant = time.time() self._ID = r.ID return r else: r = self.time_to_live() if 'TTL' not in r: ttl = -1 else: ttl = r.TTL if ttl == -1: raise ErrLeaseNotFound self.last_grant = time.time() - ttl return r
[docs] def time_to_live(self, keys=False): """ Retrieves lease information. :type keys: bool :param keys: whether return the keys that attached to the lease """ return self.client.lease_time_to_live(self.ID, keys=keys)
[docs] def ttl(self): """ Get the ttl that lease has left :return: int """ r = self.time_to_live() if 'TTL' not in r: return -1 return r.TTL
[docs] def alive(self): """ Tell if the lease is still alive :return: bool """ return self.ttl() > 0
[docs] def keepalive_once(self): """ Call keepalive for once to refresh the ttl of the lease """ return self.client.lease_keep_alive_once(self.ID)
refresh = keepalive_once
[docs] def keepalive(self, keep_cb=None, cancel_cb=None): """ Start a daemon thread to constantly keep the lease alive :type keep_cb: callable :param keep_cb: callback function that will be called after every refresh :type cancel_cb: callable :param cancel_cb: callback function that will be called after cancel keepalive """ if self.keeping: raise RuntimeError("already keeping") self.keeping = True def keepalived(): with self._lock: while self.keeping: retry(self.keepalive_once, max_tries=3, log=log) self.last_keep = time.time() log.debug("keeping lease %d" % self.ID) if keep_cb: try: keep_cb() except Exception: log.exception("keep_cb() raised an error") for _ in range(int(self.grantedTTL / 2.0)): # keep per grantedTTL/4 seconds if not self.keeping: break # self._lock.acquire(True, timeout=0.5) wait_lock(self._lock, timeout=0.5) log.debug("canceled keeping lease %d" % self.ID) if cancel_cb: try: cancel_cb() except Exception: log.exception("cancel_cb() raised an error") t = self._thread = threading.Thread(target=keepalived) t.setDaemon(True) t.start()
[docs] def cancel_keepalive(self, join=True): """ stop keeping-alive :type join: bool :param join: whether to wait the keepalive thread to exit """ self.keeping = False try: self._lock.acquire(False) finally: self._lock.release() if join and self._thread and self._thread.is_alive(): self._thread.join()
[docs] def jammed(self): """ if is failed to keepalive at the last loop """ if not self.keeping: return False return time.time() - self.last_keep > self.grantedTTL / 4.0
[docs] def revoke(self): """ revoke the lease """ log.debug("revoking lease %d" % self.ID) self.cancel_keepalive(False) return self.client.lease_revoke(self.ID)
[docs] def __enter__(self): self.grant() self.keepalive() return self
[docs] def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb): self.cancel_keepalive() self.revoke()
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